Egg-Bot Session for MadCamp

Eggbot Anatomy
Photo by Windell H. Oskay,

Good gosh! We’re less than two weeks out from MadCamp, which is what they are now calling BarCampMadison. It’s set for Saturday, August 27th, 2011.

So here’s the thing, I’m planning on doing a session titled “An Introduction to the Egg-Bot” in which I’ll show up with an Egg-Bot, my MacBook, and a whole bunch of eggs, and walk through plotting on eggs with a CNC drawing robot.

Here’s where you come in… You may have seen some of the things I’ve plotted before, and I’m trying desperately to create some new designs before MadCamp, but I will welcome anyone who wants to try their hand at it to bring an SVG, and we can try to plot it.

Maybe you want to check out Thingiverse, or for some inspiration. It’s not quite that simple though… So here’s what you should do:

  1. Install Inkscape
  2. Create a new file with a size of 3200px by 800px
  3. Read this entire tutorial
  4. Make your drawing

OK, that one bit, “Read this entire tutorial” may not be 100% necessary, but you need to at least skim it to understand how things work. You can’t have any filled areas, as everything is done with strokes. You can do more than one color, but you need to separate them by layers. Extremely complex designs can take 10+ minutes, and the session will only last about an hour.

Anyway, feel free to bring your logo in the right format, or some other piece of art you’d like to see on an egg. Or, you could send me the file ahead of time and I’ll try to prep it and give it a quick look over.

(For bonus points, install the Egg-Bot extension and the Hershey Text extension along with Inkscape and you can try plotting from your own computer.)

Egg Egg
Maybe you’ll get an Egg Egg of your own!