Learn Processing!


I had a lot of fun with Processing last year when I joined in with a few other folks and declared May as “Processing Month” and my final project was the Make A Sketch, which was an Arduino + Processing piece.

There’s two other guys at Milwaukee Makerspace with an interest in Processing, and we figured it was worth sharing what we know, and we’ve decided that a 3-hour workshop on the subject would be a good idea, so…

Join us Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 at 6pm to learn about Processing! [Sign up here]

We’ll expect you to have Processing installed on a laptop, basic knowledge of writing code, and a few simple sketches running. If you can do all that, and want to dive a bit deeper into Processing, we’d love to have you there. (If you’re a Milwaukee Makerspace member the cost is $20, otherwise it’s $25 for the general public.)

Besides some basics of Processing we’ll be creating a collaborative team project, so it should be all-around awesome. If you’re a coder who wants to make some interactive art, or an interactive artist who wants to write some code, well… you’ll fit right in. :)