The Week in Photos

Cat x Cat

We started the week off with the cats sleeping. They do that a lot. They get more use out of the couch than the people who paid for the couch, so really, I guess we bought a couch for the cats.

Milwaukee Wave

We went to the last Milwaukee Wave home game of the regular season, and it was Fan Appreciation night. Here’s Jonathan Santos signing Dana’s jersey.

Mac x Mac

Had a heck of a time battling with a MacBook that wouldn’t boot… not even from external drives or the optical drive. Only ‘Safe Mode’ would work. Still working on this…

Chroma Green

At work we painted the cyc wall green for a big green screen shoot we’ll be doing this week…

Cat Top

You walk away from your MacBook for 5 minutes, and this is what happens…


The desk is a bit crazy right now… Besides the two displays of the Mac Pro, the MacBook is also there, and way over on the left is the Eee PC which may be brought into service with an Arduino attached for some remote monitoring…


And lastly, I’d like to thank Dana for allow this to hang in the kitchen. I just hope George Lucas doesn’t show up and try to duct tape a jet pack onto it.