Flying Car – First Place!

Flying Car 2013

Well, it certainly has been a busy couple of weeks!

If you remember what was going on a month ago, I was selected to build a robot for the Flying Car Milwaukee event which took place on June 7th, 2013.

I actually finished the robot on time, presented it at the event, and won first place, which consisted of the lovely trophy you see pictured above, and $1,000. Sweet!

I’ll have a full write-up of the robot and the event soon, but just wanted to drop this post as a “whew!” mark to indicate, yeah, it all happened.

Oh, my friend Dena Nord also won first place in the design competition with her poster that featured an augmented reality component. Congrats, Dena!

In the last few weeks I also spoke at WordCamp, finished a series of paintings (post to come), took a FCPX class, filmed a TV commercial, and went to work nearly every day.

And oh yeah, I packed everything I own and moved! (Hence the boxes surrounding the trophy on the new mantle. We still need to finish unpacking.)

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Sounds like you had an even crazier couple weeks than I did! Thanks for the shout out!

Congrats Pete on your win, I had a great time with you and your wife moments before we won, it was hilarious the coaching we were doing on one another!

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