Pizza Bagel Bot (is Dumb!)

Pizza Bagel Bot

Our friends down at Pumping Station: One in Chicago have taken a cue from Hebocon and are holding a Dumb Robot Competition for Dummies tonight.

I am a dummy! (Or at least I can pretend to be one…)

Even though I’ve built functional robots, I tried really hard to build a dumb robot that is terrible. The result is “Pizza Bagel Bot” which you see here. (I used no digital fabrication in the building of PBB.)

I’m sure this will strike fear into the hearts of all who challenge Pizza Bagel Bot, so beware! And be aware.

I’ll provide more details about “PBB” in the coming days, but for now, enjoy this video proof of the mayhem of cheese and sauce that will be unleashed tonight!

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Update: We won the first match we were in… and lost the second.