Taking the Making National!

National Week of Making

The National Week of Making is coming up! It’s June 17th through June 23rd, 2016. (These dates contain not only my birthday, but my wedding anniversary to Dana.)

This year I figured that I’d observe my birthday by attending the National Maker Faire, which happens to be on my birthday. Yes, I’ll be in Washington D.C. for my birthday, and hanging out with makers and seeing other Maker Faire Producers from around the country. Neat!

It’s also (somewhat of) a work trip. Carrie and I from BBCM are both headed there, and while I get to goof off do my own thing on Friday she’ll be representing Wisconsin and attending the President’s National Week of Making kick-off event at the White House, hanging out with Lady Ada no doubt…

See you at the Faire!

Maker Faire