Overheard Maker Conversation

The most pleasant conversation I’ve overheard in a while…

We had a busy Saturday… Dana packed up the holiday decorations and I spent a few hours at lunch with Maks, my former student and current friend. We took care of a few other things around the house and then headed out for dinner, and the first place we went to was closed, the second place was too crowded, and finally we went to a place we’ve seen before but never visited. It also looked crowded but we sat at the bar for dinner and grabbed some drinks right away.

While waiting for our food I mentioned that the three giant TVs right above the bar all had the same channel showing some sports game, and maybe they should change one to show PBS and another to show the Weather Channel. Yeah, I’m not a sports fan, and I do think giant TVs could be put to better use… why not show some art, or work from local photographers? Sigh…

Anyway, as we were dining, the guy next to us at the bar started talking to a another guy he knew who came up to say hello to him… they were talking a bit about woodworking, and the younger guy mentioned a YouTube maker he liked (someone from North Carolina who made furniture) and the older guy explained his whole dust collection system, including showing some photos on his phone, and then there was mention of a Grizzly Bandsaw, and the younger guy said he had a jigsaw he needed to sell (and yes, I was tempted to say “Hey, I need a jigsaw!” but I didn’t…)

I said to Dana, “This is the best overheard conversation I’ve ever had at a bar!” and then when we left she had to stop and tell them that I enjoyed hearing their “shop talk” which sort of embarrassed me, but I said “Keep on Making!” and we headed out.

I made me feel good that these two guys were having a great conversation about woodworking, and furniture making, and shops, and tools, and dust collection. That’s it!