Simple Level with Crazy Circuits

Use the micro:bit’s built-in accelerometer to check if you’re on the level…

Here’s a super-easy micro:bit project that just uses a few Crazy Circuits LEDs, some Maker Tape, and a LEGO baseplate. It’s a Simple Level. Since the micro:bit has a built-in accelerometer we can easily check which way it is tilting just like an old fashioned level with liquid and an air bubble.

This project just uses five LEDs, but we outline how you could easily expand it to many more (and yes, we’ll probably build a larger one soon, as well as a multi-dimensional level.)

As always, there’s a diagram and more info as well as a look at the code. For each of these projects, if I can do a somewhat simple explanation of the code I think it’s helpful. You can certainly use the code and never dig into it, but I hope that people do. Kids (and adults) should learn to code if only for the fact that it can help understand how the world works, at least that’s how I view it.

Oh, I should mention that the Bit Board is now available via Kickstarter! And if crowdfunding isn’t your thing you can also get it direct from the Brown Dog Gadgets Shop.