Walktober Stats

A month of walking… Let’s do the numbers…

All these stats and graphs are provided by a Fitbit Charge 3 that I wear every day. I just grabbed screen shots from the Fitbit web site.

Wow, check it out! Starting slowly and increasing over the month for a total of 409,059 steps in October 2021. That’s quite a “step up” from the numbers of previous months.

Totally floored by this number! We only have stairs at home, there are none at work, but I think a lot of these are from the inclines in the streets I walk. 1,088 floors? I’ll take it! (I’m still not sure exactly happened around October 16th & 17th but since that was a weekend I’m guessing I was pretty damn active those days.)

I’m going the distance. (Though I’m not going for speed.) I walked 192.7 miles in October. That is…insane! But hey, I’ve got more miles to go before I sleep.

Burned at the wire? No, but burned 107,844 calories. I’ve also been burning more calories than I take in each day, so that means weight loss, which is a good thing, because I (like many people) added some “Pandemic Pounds” I wouldn’t mind losing. For the month of October I shed about 10 pounds. I’ve got a bit more to go but it’s a good start. (I’ve also started eating a bit better, including smaller breakfasts and, alas… less burritos.)

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Hey Pete,
Maureen (Adrian’s wife) here. Adrian sent me the link to your blog. Interesting read. Happy to hear about your new walking routine. I, too, unbeknownst to me, gained a bunch during COVID-19 lockdowns. About dropped my jaw when I weighed in at a doctor’s appointment. Am now working on staying back on track with my eating and working out again. I’ve lost 25lbs and am trying, a day a time, to get back to a more reasonable weight and eating routine. Keep up the good work, Pete, and thanks for the inspiration!!

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