Pin Bender (or Unbender)

Small helpful tools can make all the difference…

I often use these rotary encoders that come with right angle pin headers, but I don’t want right angle pin headers, I want straight pin headers. So I designed a small tool to fix that.

The Pin Bender (or Unbender) is useful for straightening (or “unbending”) header pins. Got some 90 degree pins you wish were 0 degree pins? We gotcha covered.

Slide the Pin Bender onto the pins, and then unbend! (Or straighten. I don’t know… you choose the terminology you like best.)

Now bend it… like somebody who bends things. (Bender!?) Now you got some straight pins. Or zero degree pins. Whatever.

Pretty cool, right? Did I mention it’s parametric? Well, it is. You want to edit the OpenSCAD file to make one for 8 pins? Go for it. 6 Pins? Okay. 13 pins. I guess so. All yours.

You can get the STL files and .scad file from – Pin Bender. Print ’em if you need ’em!

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