Mother’s Day Card

Hey, it was Mother’s Day a while back…

Shortly after getting the Provisional Press working I thought to myself “I should try a two color print!” and while I used to run a six color screen printing press, I’m not sure I ever did multi-color relief printing, so why not give it a try?

Fortunately my daughter Madeline had recently sent me a photo of an illustration of a flower she did for school. (I tend to bug her with a “what are you making lately?” text every few weeks.) She sent me the file and I designed a card around it.

I managed to print a few with no real registration system (totally screwing up one of them!) and they mostly turned out okay for a first attempt.

I gave one to my mom, Madeline gave one to her mom, and we had a spare that Madeline gave to Greg to give to his mom. I consider that a win, and will probably make this an annual tradition.

Oh, here’s a shot of the laser-etched plates. I’ll do a post about how I make printing plates one of these days…

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