AFP, SSH, Something Like That

I was trying to get afp running over ssh, which I did by the way (of course I try to make everything run over ssh) and I realized that months back I actually did get Netatalk running on brew, my Red Hat 7 box. So I figured I should check red, my Fedora box, and it looked like I started but never finished the config. 5 minutes later I had it all done. At least I think. It’s behind a firewall so I have not tested it yet. I would have, if the Linksys router web-based config interface worked properly in lynx. I mean, some of it does, just not the port forwarding part, which sucks if, you know, you are at a remote location and want to forward a port, remotely, or something.

(This post fills my “geek speak” quotient for the day, I am now free to talk about cats.)