apt-get fixes

Ubuntu As I get more and more used to Ubuntu and using apt-get I figured I should start keeping some notes. (btw, did you know that in the old days we had to compile everything!? Sheesh!)

apt-get kept crapping out on me with errors, some failed install I believe. This seemed to fix it:

cd /var/cache/apt/archives
sudo rm -rf ./*
sudo mkdir partial

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Yes, sudo apt-get update is in there twice. You may only need once, but twice shouldn’t hurt.

You may also have to look for trouble in:

cd /var/cache/debconf
sudo rm -rf ./*

Warning: Unless you understand what rm -rf does, don’t type it!. It is a destroyer of files. Make a backup if needed. While these are cache files, and it should be harmless to delete them, remember that rm has no undo command.

Also, I’m running Ubuntu on an old G4 PowerBook as a low-power server (thanks to Dave from Kernel Design.) I’ve only had a few problems with the old “powerpc-linux-gnu” so far, mostly involving finding a BOINC client that will work. The typical LAMP stack is good, and the DAViCal install was painless.