BarCampMilwaukee4 is happening!

Mark your calendars… October 3/4, 2009 at the Chase Commerce Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Venue sponsor Bucketworks has worked with Mike Doro to secure us space for the event.

The web site will be up soon at, thanks to Jeramey. (And a special thanks to Distance Software for hosting the web site.)

Our E-Pal Gabe from Web414 is working on the t-shirts (don’t worry, not the design, just the logistics!)

Ashe and I are getting some sponsors… and doing that general “organizing” thing.

Sponsors? So far we’ve got Microsoft, Hentzenwerke Publishing,, and Fresh Coast Ventures offering to help out. (And yes, we could use a few more!)

And you? Well, we hope you’ll be there to make it happen with us.


BarCampMilwaukee3 is over…

We somehow managed to pull it off again, and BarCampMilwaukee3 happened without any unfortunate incidents, even though there was threat of desks being burned to the ground…

In the coming weeks I will try to follow-up on specific things about BarCampMilwaukee3, but for now I will just ramble on aimlessly…

Wifi seemed good and the internet connection worked. This probably sets a new record for Bucketworks.

I did not get to complete my robot, but it looks like Royce Pipkins may be starting up a Milwaukee Robotics Club. (Possibly meeting at Bucketworks.)

We had a desk building competition (sponsored by Bucketworks) and I did not win, despite building two (yes two!) amazing desks…

Blake Hall and I (mostly Blake!) started working on the new BarCampMilwaukee web site & infrastructure. We should be done before BarCampMilwaukee4…

We’ll be discussing what worked/what didn’t and ideas for future *Camps in Milwaukee, including some sort of “FoodCamp” and DrupalCampWI2, and WordCamp, and others I forgot about…

Discussing where? At Web414 on Thursday, October 9th, 2008… 7PM at Bucketworks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


BarCampMilwaukee3… soon!

Good gosh, we’re this close to BarCampMilwaukee3! The whole thing goes down October 4th/5th, 2008 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Bucketworks.

BarCampMilwaukee3 Banner by KeVroN

There’s also a Friday night pre-BarCamp party event being planned that we need to spread the word about. Details should be available soon.

This is our 3rd BarCamp in Milwaukee (hence the “BarCampMilwaukee3” title!) and it feels like we’re in the groove of getting these things up and running. This year seems so much more mellow than last year. I’ve been keeping an eye on registration, and I’ve seen some interesting people sign up. As of writing this we’re at well over 100 people, and I’m guessing we’ll see that shoot up in the next week, and get more people who didn’t even sign up attending.

Remember to check out the proposed sessions to see what people are interested in doing. I’m pretty excited about the Hobby Robotics Make’n’Take Session and of course the The Future of Microblogging session looks amazing!

BCMKE3 T-Shirt

And have you see the shirt Mike Rohde designed? It incorporates tagging! How sweet is that?

So join us! It’s not too late to sign up… head over to and use the signup wizard to register… We hope to see you there.



Ok, well, I’m typing this with one hand, cuz my left arm is in a splint and pretty much useless. I was painting a wall at Bucketworks, when the ladder slipped and I got to ride it down to the concrete floor. I think I minimized the impact, but I hit the floor pretty hard. I think I stood up, or someone helped me up, and I noticed my arm was all going the wrong way at the elbow. Also, I couldn’t move it, and it hurt. I also asked James to take my shoe and sock off, cuz my big toe hurt like hell. It was all pointed up the wrong way.

James took me to urgent care, and the doctor there snapped my toe back in place after numbing it up, but they couldn’t fix my arm there. Oh yeah, also got a bunch of x-rays done before all of that, so they could see what the damage was… luckily nothing was broken.

Dana and the kids joined me at urgent care, and took me to the hospital where they could fix my elbow. But wait… yes wait. While “sitting in the waiting room” is great lyric from a Fugazi song, doing it for hours sucks. My mom and brother showed up as well, since Dana had to get Maddy to a party. Now, I didn’t want to be the jerk who keeps asking the front desk when it’s my turn, but after like 3+ hours of waiting, we asked, and they seemed surprised we had not been taken, and I went in right away.

Marty the nurse stuck a lot of needles in my right arm, which sucks cuz all my good veins are in my left arm. After the “conscious sedation” had effect, Marty and the doctor wiggled and snapped my elbow back in place. We hoped. It was off to x-ray to make sure… and yeah, it was all good. I do remember grunting and swearing a lot while they reset the elbow…


One of the funnier things that happened was when Marty the nursed asked if I could get my shirt off, or if it needed to be cut off. I was totally against that idea, cuz I was wearing my BarCampMilwaukee shirt, and even though it had paint, and floor glue, and sweat, and dirt on it, I just couldn’t see it being destroyed by a pair of scissors.

So… now I need to figure out how to “take it easy” but also move an entire office, configure a server and other systems, tell someone how to silk screen shirts, prep for BarCampMilwaukee3, and a few other things I probably shouldn’t do… all with one working arm. Whew….



It’s on! BarCampMilwaukee3 will happen Friday, October 4th through Sunday October 5th, 2008. It’ll be at Bucketworks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


We’re in the process of preparing the web site, and soon you will be able to register at

We’re also looking for sponsors. While Bucketworks is providing the venue, they’ve had a few setbacks this year due to flood damage, and they are also looking to up the bandwidth for BarCamp events held there. If you or your company wants to sponsor BarCampMilwaukee3, please get in touch with me. We’ll make you known to all the passionate technology leaders in South-Eastern Wisconsin.

Here’s a list of our current sponsors:

We’d also like to mention Web414 (organizing group) Distance Software (hosts the web site) and Fresh Coast Ventures (our fiscal sponsor.)

I’m sure you’ll see a lot more about BarCampMilwaukee3 in the next month, as it promises to be a great event… and who knows, we might even have a few surprises to reveal along the way. :)