BarCampMilwaukee4 is happening!

Mark your calendars… October 3/4, 2009 at the Chase Commerce Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Venue sponsor Bucketworks has worked with Mike Doro to secure us space for the event.

The web site will be up soon at, thanks to Jeramey. (And a special thanks to Distance Software for hosting the web site.)

Our E-Pal Gabe from Web414 is working on the t-shirts (don’t worry, not the design, just the logistics!)

Ashe and I are getting some sponsors… and doing that general “organizing” thing.

Sponsors? So far we’ve got Microsoft, Hentzenwerke Publishing,, and Fresh Coast Ventures offering to help out. (And yes, we could use a few more!)

And you? Well, we hope you’ll be there to make it happen with us.

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Pete, I’m trying to secure a sponsor. It’s kinda hard because the old site is gone and I don’t have anything to show them to tell them what it’s all about. Any ideas? I’m not sure the picture on the current page is the best selling tool :-(

Clint! It’s proud Ashe! It’s gold! Marketing gold! I am expert in marketing! Look at Ashe! It’s almost like she’s looking at her little baby all growed up! BarCamp is turning 4 this year! I’m so proud.

Luckily, you can still get to some old documents from the previous BarCamps:

I hope this helps.

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