Microsoft Humor

Ken Segall let us know about a “funny” (?) video in his post The Microsoft festival of comedy.

Now, while you might think I’d join in with the laughter, I also think that in some ways, it’s not funny. I mean, I know that Steve Jobs thinks Blu-ray is a dud, and isn’t going anywhere, especially not into his Macs, but for those of us who work in the media creation industry, we’ve got to deal with it.

Ken has the following to say:

The big advantage of Windows laptops? They can play Blu-ray discs. Like (a) you’ll really appreciate Blu-ray on 15-inch screen, and (b) you’d rather carry discs around than just download high-def movies onto your Mac.

But this to me, is one more example of Apple products seen as consuming devices, not creating devices. If you want to just watch a high-definition video, it makes sense to download it to your Mac, but if you want to make a high-definition disc to give to a client, you’ll be making a Blue-ray disc, and you’ll need to buy an external drive (Other World Computing sells them) and you’ll need extra software (Toast will work) and while it’s all possible, it’s like this thing that Apple is just convinced you won’t want to, or need to do.

I pity the Mac user who is handed a Blu-ray disc and asked to play it, only to have some Microsoft weenie stick it in their laptop to play…

And you know, I actually found the video well done, and kind of funny…

Don’t get me wrong… I still don’t like Microsoft, and I still don’t like Windows, but I also get fed up with the control and decisions Apple sometimes makes about their products.

Also, I’m pretty sure Avatar sucks.