Winning Chili


We had a chili contest at work and because we are all clever and ridiculous we had great names for our chili. I named mine Winning Chili. Unfortunately the judge renamed it with unnecessary quotes to be “Winning Chili” which is just not the same…


Carrie had two chilis, one being named The Winner, which the judge also renamed with unnecessary quotes to be “The Winner”…


…and another named Best In Class which somehow avoided the dreaded addition of unnecessary quotes.


Stacie went with a strangely named Aunt Lota’s Hot Meat & Cool Beans, which definitely won for highest character count, but lacked the words Winning, Winner or Best.

My chili wasn’t even really chili, it was Chili Mac & Cheese, because I’ve never made chili, but I have made mac & cheese, and I just added a bunch of chili ingredients. I probably won because the judges were a bunch of teachers and I reasoned that teachers would like mac & cheese because most teacher in this country are underpaid and probably used to eating a lot of mac & cheese.

(Note: while the paragraph above might be humorous, it’s also sad. I donated the prize to a teacher.)