Turkey Bowl (The Documentary)

Turkey Bowl

There’s this annual tradition members of my family take part in each Thanksgiving. It involves a bunch of the guys getting up early and playing football at an elementary school in Milwaukee. I didn’t know a lot about it other than they do it every year. It’s called the Turkey Bowl.

Back in 2012 my wife suggested I take part in the Turkey Bowl. As someone who doesn’t like to play football, or watch football, I remained unconvinced. Instead, I offered to come and film the game. Unfortunately, I somehow forgot to go, and did not film the game. So this year, I made up for it.

The kids and I headed out, stopped for hot drinks, and got to the school just in time to capture about 15 minutes of action at the end. (Oops! Based on televised sports, I thought football games lasted about 4 hours.) Well, I did manage to get some good group photos when they were done, which was much appreciated. I then told them that I needed interview footage, but they were all headed to a bar (it is Wisconsin) to watch football and drink beer. (Again, I don’t do either of those things.) So I made a plan to take my gear to the Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house, and after the meal, I did a bunch of interviews.

I then declared it would be ready to watch by Christmas. I then did a bit of editing the next week, and a little more the next week, and then I just pulled an all-nighter Christmas Eve and stayed up past 4am to finish it for Christmas Day. Merry Christmas!

The quality is not quite to the level I’d like, but it doesn’t matter. They loved it. It does a pretty good job of documenting the game and what it means to them. The audio is rough, the lighting and camerawork is not top notch, but that’s not what matters. Nobody paid me to do this, and I really enjoyed doing it.

What, you want to watch Turkey Bowl? Please do…


Balancing Act – Promo #002

Yes, I am still working on Balancing Act, my documentary about the work we do…

In this clip Davey von Bohlen talks about being a musician, and how that may change (or not change) in the future.

Davey is an old friend of mine, and probably the most (commercially) successful musician that I personally know. It was great to sit down with him and get an insight into his career thus far. Enjoy the clip!


Balancing Act – Promo #001

Did you know I’m still working on Balancing Act, my documentary about the work we do? Well, I am…

In this short clip James Carlson talks about how the concept of Bucketworks evolved.

I’m not even sure this will make it into the final film, but I found it compelling enough to put it out there.


About that film…

How’s that film going?

I get that question every now and then… and the answer is, “it’s going!” followed by “slowly…”

You can follow the progress at

I’ve interviewed Jeramey Jannene and James Carlson, and I’m working on scheduling Nikol Hasler, Mike Rohde, and Davey von Bohlen.

So while it’s true that the process is going slower than I hoped, that is to be expected. I’ve been taking on more paying work, and that gets in the way, but it’s unavoidable (and a theme of the film…)

I did get some b-roll shot this weekend, of course getting time to log and capture the footage is not easy, but for now I’ll keep shooting and looking for developing themes.

As soon as I get a break in the action, I’ll see what I can do to put together some promos so people can see a bit of what we’ve got so far. It’ll happen, but yeah, it’ll take some time.


Balancing Act (Documentary)

Within a week of announcing I was planning to produce a documentary… things are starting to roll into place.

Oh, the working title is “Balancing Act” by the way…

There has been a lot of planning and discussion this week, including assembling the FAB (or ‘Film Advisory Board’) which is a group of people I will bounce ideas off of, and creating some different sponsorship opportunities. So far a handful of people have offered to help, financially, and otherwise.

In the next week or two we’ll set up a web site, and start outlining things a bit more. We plan to keep things fairly transparent throughout production, so people can keep an eye on what is happening.

(Once the site is up, expect most of the updates to happen there, but I’ll still post things here on RasterWeb! when it makes the most sense.)

Pete with camera