Stylish for Thunderbird 3.1

I got sick of waiting for Stylish to be updated to work in Thunderbird 3.1, so I took care of it.

By “took care of it” I mean I did the following:

  1. Read through Hacking Firefox Extensions
  2. Hacked Stylish
  3. Tested the Hacked version

And since it worked for me, I’m putting it out there.

Over in the code section is a new directory named stylish. Go there, download the file stylish-1.0.9a-fx+tb+sm.xpi, and install it into Thunderbird.

There’s also a simple readme file there that explains what I did. I’ll show it here as well:

stylish-1.0.9a-fx+tb+sm.xpi is a hacked version of stylish-1.0.9-fx+tb+sm.xpi

There are basically two differences from the official version:

 - This one has an 'a' in it's name.
 - This one will install into Thunderbird 3.1.x

All I did was change the string that says what 
version of Thunderbird it can install into.

I could find no license info for the original code. 
If the author wishes me to remove this, I certainly will.
Update 2010-07-28: The code is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.0

Use at your own risk.  <-- the lawyers told me to say that!

So if you trust me, feel free to download the hacked version and install it into Thunderbird 3.1... and if you don't trust me, go read the Hacking Firefox Extensions post and then do it yourself.

(You'll also find my 'Various Tweaks' file in the stylish directory as well. This is a style I use for Thunderbird based on info I got from this page on Thunderbird Chrome. )

Update 2010-07-28: The source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.0