Upload Video

The question was asked “where can I upload my video to?” as in, what (free) services will host my video files?

(Thanks to sull for the list.)

Personally, I use Ourmedia. It’s easy to select a Creative Commons license for your work, and they use The Internet Archive for the file storage. You could just use The Internet Archive, but Ourmedia adds nice features on top of it, including the fact that your uploads are available (almost) immediately instead of having to wait hours or days…

As for the others listed, I’m not really too familar with them. Just be sure to check their term of service. With some of them, you may be giving up rights you don’t want to in exchange for them hosting your file, or they may disappear someday taking your videos with them. It’s a tradeoff you’ll have to weigh in your final decision.

Don’t forget to see Freevlog for the steps leading up to the question of “where can I upload my video to?”