We Humans Create Things…


“Sometimes we don’t understand the significance of something until we create it.”


Do Your Job

Bricks #2259

We’ve been hearing a lot of people say to other people, “Do your job!”

But what is your job?

Is your job to manufacture widgets, or to sell things, or to serve food, or remove trash, teach others, create laws, clean windows, manage computers?

Or is your job, first and foremost, to be a human being, to help others, to fight injustice, to protect those who can’t fend for themselves?

Sometimes events occur which are of a higher calling than manufacturing widgets or selling things…

When the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened, and people left their work to help others, to aid in rescuing their fellow man, to try to survive, was anyone there yelling at them to get back to work and do their job?

When a school shooting occurs, and lives are in danger, are teachers expected to keep teaching, and act as if nothing is happening?

When a natural disaster strikes (or even, you know, a really bad snowstorm) I find some comfort in knowing people will take time to help out others.

When the shit goes down, I expect my fellow humans to be there for me, just as I would be there for them.

That “every man for himself” crap? That’s not what’s made great things happen. Working together is what makes accomplishing amazing things possible.


we are not machines

we are people, and people make mistakes, but people also have opinions, and ideas and thoughts and emotions, and we do make mistakes, and we do fall down, but we also do great things, and we get back up, and we fight, and we’re tough, and some of us never give up. we love and we hate and we yell and we scream and we do good things, and we help people, and we say things, and sometimes people don’t want to hear those things, but we have a right to say them, and you have the right not to listen. we can’t hide and be quiet, we can’t live two lives, one nice and clean and proper, and the other honest but hidden from view. we must be what we are and who we are, and others must find value in that. we must not be afraid, the time of being judged is past, those who judge surely fear being judged, and have their own demons and monsters to deal with. turn on the lights, point out the obvious, scream it from the rooftops, be who you are, and say what you will, and don’t be afraid of what they say because chances are, there’s a world you want to live in, so make it happen, be a part of that world, and don’t let them make the decisions for you. thanks, and good luck!