More BarCampMadison Logos…

Following Gabe‘s suggestion for the type…

BarCampMadison Logo Idea #6

And my personal favorite so far…

BarCampMadison Logo Idea #7

See the BarCampMadison Logo page for more…


BarCampMadison: Logo Ideas

I’ve been toying with some logo ideas for BarCampMadison. I wanted to incorporate the dome of the capitol building with the BarCamp flame. Here are the results so far.

BarCampMadison Logo Idea #3 (with dome!)BarCampMadison Logo Idea (with dome!)BarCampMadison Logo Idea #2 (with dome!)

There are more ideas on the BarCampMadison wiki’s Logo page. I’m still not happy with this. I wanted to use a simple illustration of the dome, but I don’t have one, and haven’t created one yet.

Hey, it’s a work in progress… Got any better ideas?

(If you haven’t signed up for BarCampMadison yet, do so now… and if you can help sponsor, or know any organizations that can help sponsor, get in touch with me.

(Updated: Here is the red/white one people are mentioning…)

BarCampMadison Logo Idea #4


The New Admirals Logo

I’ve been hearing people’s opinions on the new Milwaukee Admirals logo since it came out. My opinion, it looks like it’s meant to appeal to kids, and in doing so, does not appeal to adults. So I thought I should fix that.

Milwaukee Admiral's Logo

Here is the original version.

Milwaukee Admiral's Logo (fixed!)

Here is my version.

Ok, five minutes in Photoshop might not cut it, but you get the idea. It’s all in the eyes. In the first version the eyes just make it all look too cartoony. Skulls aren’t all happy and shiny, they are mean and scary. Or at least they should be.

(I wonder if I can find work doing logo re-design…)