Hacking Space


Back when I was a kid (which I’ll just say was 30+ years ago) I was fascinated by space travel, I mean real space travel, the kind NASA was doing. The Space Shuttle program launched Enterprise when I was in grade school, and I remember doing a school project on it, and I even wrote a letter to NASA offering to be the first kid on a shuttle flight.

So while I’ve been ignoring space travel for many years, with the final flight of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, I was interested in what the future would hold. Over on Google+ I asked about the privatization of space exploration, and got some good info. My thinking was that perhaps the time is right for commercialization of such things. (Yeah, I’m seriously not up on the subject, but it’s interesting enough to look into.)

Mashable actually had a recent post: How the Private Space Race Has Taken Off which is a good summary of the current situation.

On top of all that, I remembered reading about what Ariel Waldman was up to a while back, and this interview with her talking about Spacehack is worth a read. (There’s another interview in Soho House Magazine, which is much harder to read.) looks pretty cool. It’s a way for anyone to get involved in space exploration. Of course, “space exploration” is not the same as “space flight” but hey, with any luck the “flight” part may still become a reality while I’m alive.

Meanwhile, I’m still watching Star Trek, Firefly, and Doctor Who, and taking notes…