West Wink, Zilla, Delivery Boy

I’ve yet to see The West Wink, though I understand it’s a hee-larious half-hour sitcom about the President of a large corporation, played by Charlie Sheen. I heard that Chad Lowe was upset that Charlie was making more money, so he’s leaving the show. Charlie’s step-son Emelio Estevezian was unavailabe to play the role of the wacky neighbor, so I thought, who better than Bill Clinton! He’s got a lot of acting experience, most on news shows and press conferences, but he did a bunch of movies with an ape named Bongo back in the 80’s…

Today I experienced a bad Mozilla bug. In the past on the Mac OS X build I’ve had times where my sidebars disappear, but a quit and relaunch always seems to bring them back, irriting, but not devastating. So today I launched Mozilla 1.1a under Win2k and went to my Bookmarks menu, only to find there were no bookmarks. Or I should say, the bookmarks I had were all gone. This was very irritating. Luckily I had a backup of it less than two weeks old. Another reminder that those pesky ‘backups’ you always hear about are a good idea…

Bugzilla has the following classifications:


I think I’ll start responding to people with WONTFIX and NOTABUG everyday at work and
see how things progress. As it is now, LATER is my most common response, right behind

Delivery Boy still needs some cleaning up and complete docs, but Delivery Boy 0.9 is now up…


Open-Source Software

For your friends still using Windows: Open SSH on Windows and FileZilla – The open source FTP client… I wish FileZilla, or some other nice, graphical, open-source ftp client was available for Mac OS X… I’ve yet to find one…

Of course for Mac OS X geeks check out Marc Liyanage’s Software section…

And for the Fink users out there, we have FinkCommander, a GUI for Fink.

Weblog-related: Memento is a lightweight knowledge management system based on the principles of memetics, the theory of memes. Naturally, to facilitate distribution of the Memento meme itself, this project is entirely open source.

Has anyone used stumbleupon?

I heard from Mike Chubbuck (of Silent Scream fame) last week, he says he’s got lots of neat stuff to tell me… Stay tuned!