Pirate Eggs!

Pirate Eggs!

Since Egg-Bot is now fully-functional, I figured it was time to start making some SVGs of my own and doing some plotting…

Well, maybe “of my own” is stretching it a bit… The first one I started with was actually this jolly roger image, which I ran through the Voronoi Stippler, and then imported into Inkscape.

Jolly Roger

The plot took about an hour, which is probably way too long, as I could tell Egg-Bot was working it’s little motors out… Next time I’ll need to simplify things a bit when I create the stippling.

I’ll also be working on converting existing EPS images/logos to SVG files that are suitable for the Egg-Bot (and once I do, I’ll post them to Thingiverse.) For now, just keep an eye out for more egg-plotting fun right here.

(Note: For some reason Adrian Secord has removed the download link for, and his personal site, does not resolve for me…)