BarCampMadison3 Schedule

This is/was the session schedule for BarCampMadison3, which took place on August 28, 2010. Feel free to ignore it. I’ve put it here for my own reference, as this is information I will need…

Start End Session Title Room
10:30am 11:30am Teaching Machines to Learn by Studying Nature 9-4
10:30am 11:30am LinkedIn Basics 9-5
10:30am 11:30am Empty Houses & Homeless People 9-2
10:30am 11:30am Ruby on Rails Build and Deploy a BarCampMadison App to Production 9-1
10:30am 11:30am Mathematica Training 9-3
10:30am 11:30am Drupal Theming 101 3-1
10:30am 11:30am Virtual Goods & Currencies 3-2
11:30am 12:15pm Git & Git Hub change open source 9-2
11:30am 12:15pm Linked In: Integrate with Multimedia 9-5
11:30am 12:15pm Bootstrap Your Company 3-2
11:30am 12:15pm Kids Camp Discussion [audio] 3-1
1:30pm 2:15pm The HackerSpace Movement [audio] 9-4
1:30pm 2:15pm Photoshop Touchups 101 3-1
1:30pm 2:15pm Build a Search Engine with Apache Solr & Lucene 9-5
1:30pm 2:15pm Freecycle 9-2
1:30pm 2:15pm Free Mathematical and Statistic Resources on the Web 9-1
1:30pm 2:15pm Personal Branding 9-3
1:30pm 2:15pm Linux on Low Powered Computers 3-2
2:30pm 3:15pm RFID Green Shed 3-2
2:30pm 3:15pm Intro to Hardware Hacking and Arduino 9-4
2:30pm 3:15pm SAAS Web app: Interface/signup/conversion discussion 9-5
2:30pm 3:15pm Mining on the Moon 3-1
2:30pm 3:15pm My Resume Sucks: Do I still need a paper one? [video] 9-3
3:30pm 4:15pm Net Neutrality 9-3
3:30pm 4:30pm Intro to Expression Engine 9-5
3:30pm 4:30pm Geeks & Sex 3-2
3:30pm 4:30pm How I learned to stop worrying and love the process 9-2
3:30pm 4:30pm Intro to Hardware Hacking and Arduino 9-4
3:30pm 4:30pm Our Ballot Box Startup Demo 3-1
3:30pm 4:30pm 5 ways to blog w/ Posterous 9-1
4:30pm 5:15pm Future of Web608 [audio] 9-1
4:30pm 5:30pm Open Share Tools and Techniques to Manage Web Devs 3-1
4:30pm 5:30pm Building Strong Communities for Hacker/Maker Spaces [video] 9-4
4:30pm 5:30pm Death of ads 3-2
4:30pm 5:30pm DIY Liqueurs 9-5
5:30pm 6:15pm Drupal Q&A / Drupal Toolshare 9-3
5:30pm 6:15pm How To: Make Dinner for your date 9-4
5:30pm 6:15pm Crowdsource Local Tech News – Tech in Madison 9-5
5:30pm 6:15pm Intro to Inkscape 3-1
5:30pm 6:30pm Accessibility for the Web 3-2
5:30pm 6:30pm This App can Text – Building a Twilio app in half an hour 9-2