The Shrinter

I stumbled upon an item at Lifehacker about turning a printer into a shredder

This reminded me of an old idea I had, The Shrinter.

The Shrinter

Basically, The Shrinter is a printer that, upon completing the printing of a page, immediately shreds it so that no one can read it. It’s the only way to print sensitive documents! (The guys mention this idea as well: “You might build it to print the pages, and directly feed them back into the shredder“)

Who would need such a device? Well, I figured every government agency and corporation could use one. And Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft. Didn’t they propose some sort of DRM thingy where you would be prevented from printing a document? Well, here ya go! Let that loser in HR print that sensitive document, but shred it after you do. That’ll show him you mean business!

(I’m also working on a new CD drive that allows you to burn copyrighted material onto a CD or DVD and then immediately burns it – I mean literally burns it – so that the disc is unusable… VC‘s please contact me.)