Stumbling Wifi

After the Web414 meeting last week I ran MacStumbler on the drive home to see what I could find. I was surprised by how many networks it saw while driving 65mph on I-94…

Here’s a few open wifi networks I found along the way:

  • ProHealthCareGuest
  • Enters
  • michaelswireless
  • PFH
  • binc-public
  • stone creek coffee

There were also a some ‘linksys’ and ‘belkin’ and a whole bunch named orange, orange12, orange13, orange14, etc…

These were closed, but I found the names amusing or interesting:

  • Dream Kitchens
  • klotka
  • TowerSpecial
  • oconomowoc
  • trec
  • Midwest Law
  • Nomad
  • EyesOff
  • Kronos Wireless
  • J&J Awesome Wireless
  • Pruscha for Mayor

The last two tie for my favorite, ‘J&J Awesome Wireless’ and ‘Pruscha for Mayor’ – I mean, one is awesome and the other is an advertisement for a mayoral candidate!