Xmas was Swell

If you tuned in last week, you may have noticed that my Xmas Spirit was Not Found, but it’s ok, all went well, and it was a good holiday…

Someone asked me if I got everything I wanted, and I had to think about it. Since I didn’t really want anything, I said “Yes, I got everything I wanted.” Actually, I suppose what I really wanted was to have a good holiday, and enjoy time with the family, and I did that, so it all turned out just fine.

Anyway, I hope your holiday went well. Right now I’m just wrapping up all the loose ends of 2006 and planning for 2007. (Projects on deck are the Web414 group and BarCampMadison…)


Xmas Spirit Not Found

Ok folks, you know I don’t ask for much, but I need help. See, I’ve not got the Xmas Spirit like I should. Xmas is almost here, and I’m in a bummed out mood. There is no snow, it’s been raining for two days, and besides paying $1200+ to get the vehicle fixed last month the state of Wisconsin decided they paid me too much money during the summer and now wants $410 back before December 31st. (Thanks Wisconsin!) Bummer for me…

Anyway, things are more or less positive (except for the financial situation) so I really shouldn’t be bummed out. I’ve got the love of a great woman, 2 amazing kids, and 3 jobs which usually manage to pay the bills.

So either email me, or leave a comment and attempt to cheer me up. Thanks everyone!

(If I don’t see any comments by later today, I may start drinking heavily…)

Update: In an effort to raise my Xmas Spirit I started eating Xmas cookies, but now my stomach hurts. Damn you Xmas cookies!