I really shouldn’t complain so much. I mean, I get an email from Martijn Venrooy, and he says the iPodder Lemon Team wants to know if I have a PayPal account. I figure it’s a scam (just kidding!) but in the spirit of open-source and giving back and all that, he says the team has picked a bunch of podcasts they like and wanted to show some appreciation. Here’s what they said:

We work on iPodder because we love listening to podcasts. That’s where you come in, your podcast was part of the reason to develop iPodder. We asked everyone on the team who they’d like to donate to, and you were on the list. Keep up your great work!
Best regards, iPodder Lemon Team.

Thanks iPodder Lemon Team!

Slacker that I am, or have been, you can be pretty sure I’ll be recording at least one podcast this week. Nothing motivates like guilt! ;)

2 Responses to “iPodder is the Money!”

  1. mike dunnNo Gravatar says:

    heh – if i’d known you could be bribed into re-entering podville pete, i would have sent you some coin months ago ;)

  2. I am all about the bribery… (and 1/2 about actually following through…)

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