My Genius Ignored

It hurts… it hurts! See, it’s all just a popularity contest!

It hurts… it hurts! See, it’s all just a popularity contest! If I was an international jetset techie-nerd who went to conferences, people might actually listen to me… But Nooooo, no no no…

Even Brent, yes, Brent, who I conversed with on mailing lists and the like back in the mid-1990’s… Witness this:

It was Adam who convinced us to add support for enclosures and podcasts to NetNewsWire. It was a major feature request last fall, lots of people were asking for it, but it was finally a short email from Adam that was the tipping point. He said it seemed like it would be a “slam-dunk” for us. Who could resist that? Not me.

That’s from June 2005, but let’s go back to August 2004, where I said in regards to podcasting and NetNewsWire:

(Honestly, I think NetNewsWire could kick butt in this area, it’s a Mac OS X application that could tie directly into iTunes quite easily, and Brent could do it all with a great interface Brent, you listening?)

Oh wait, gosh – what is that? I also mention the idea of enclosures in Atom!

Oh, both Adam and Dave wondered about enclosures in Atom and assumed Atom must have something similar, but every time I ask, no one seems to have a good answer. Maybe this will help poke the Atom folks a bit.

That link to the Atom mailing list is dated March 2004, well before what would widely be considered the “birth of podcasting” probably because I was already running my own code to download enclosures from the (very) few RSS 2.0 Feeds (with enclosures) that existed at the time… I was amazed that no one influential in the Atom community thought enclosures would be important or useful enough to follow up on. Over a year later I’m still asking about enclosures in Atom with no clear answers.

Some days it just doesn’t pay to start typing.

(P.S. Can I have my pony now?)

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Hey! You got me thinking about it in the first place. It just wan’t until later that we decided to do it.

Atom supports enclosures, by the way. (Or, at least, NetNewsWire supports Atom enclosures. I just hope the spec doesn’t change before Atom 1.0 is finished.)

Thanks Brent… Yeah, Atom 0.8+ or something has enclosures? I did read that NNW supports it. I need to find a WordPress hacker who has deployed a more updated Atom feed than version 0.3 I guess. :(

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