Did you ever wonder how del.icio.us got it’s name?

Joshua explains it:

When .us became available, I wrote a quick script to figure out the shortest prefixes that would allow me to generate the most number of names:

$ grep us$ /usr/dict/words | sed 's/.*\(....\)\(us\)$/\1.\2/' | sort  | uniq -c | sort -n | tail
    6 aceo.us
    6 mino.us
    7 ario.us
    7 onio.us
    7 urio.us
    8 aneo.us
    8 orio.us
   10 itio.us
   14 icio.us
   18 acio.us

I’ve used /usr/dict/words in the past to find strange and unique words. I’ll really have to remember to do that more often…

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