Olympics + Blog = No Way

I don’t think I’ve admitted this, but I really enjoy watching the Olympics…

I don’t think I’ve admitted this, but I really enjoy the Olympics. I generally do not like most professional sports because I think most professional athletes are overpaid cry-babies and criminals. (The exception is surfing, which is the classic battle of man (or woman) versus nature!) Anyway…

Those control-freaks at the Olympics once again are banning the participants from blogging.

I’m still not sure what they are afraid of…

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The Canadian Olympic Committee has ruled that athlete blogs — as long as they report on the athletes’ own experiences — are not included in the IOC ban.

There is an interesting issue here, for sure.

What’s with the phrases “professionalism” and “lack of professionalism?” Did I miss something? I thought the olympics were “amateur” events. Hello? Thank God for the mute button. The former Olympian NBC commentators are bitter that they’re too old to compete. Pikabo Street(among others) really has something against Julia Mancuso. I’m REALLY psyched that Julia won the Gold, not only because she’s deserving of it, but also because her detractors will be eating crow.

Ed Alley
Ashland, MA USA
“…for the love of the game.”

I always tend to go with the definition of amateur as someone who “does it for love” as opposed to a “professional” who is typically someone who does it for money. I prefer amateurs.

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