I plug my iPod in at least once a day to sync it. I would like this to be seamless, but it is far from being so. About half the time my iPod does not show up in iTunes, and I need to quit and relaunch iTunes. This is a pain. More of a pain though, is when iTunes shows me this dialog box:

Set Up Your iPod... Again!

In case you’re wondering, I “set up” my iPod about 6 months ago. When this dialog comes up, I have a routine which includes hitting ‘Cancel’ and then going into the iTunes options under iPod and resetting things like “Enable disk use” and resetting all the Photo options, and turning on the syncing of Contacts and Calendars. Again.

This is getting painful as hell. My user experience is suffering! Any iPod geeks know of a cure? (Yes, I’ve run the iPod updaters Apple ships to me through Software Update. Any other ideas?)

2 Responses to “Damn iPod…”

  1. PeterNo Gravatar says:

    Which generation iPod is it? Which model Mac do you have, and what version of the OS? Are you plugging it in via USB or FireWire?

    You say that you’ve run the iPod updaters, but have you used the “Update” option or the “Restore” option? If you haven’t used “Restore”, try that.

  2. 5th gen iPod with USB. Quicksilver G4 Mac. Mac OS X 10.4.6. I have not tried the restore, I’ll give that a shot.

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