I know it’s still a few days until my birthday (June 18th!) but Dana gave me my present already, a Trek 7200!

Trek 7200

My old bike is one I assembled from a dumpster in Madison about 14 years ago, so this is an amazing upgrade. I’ll miss riding “ol’ dumpy…” I mean, no I won’t, this bike is awesome!

We’ve been trying to ride every day or so, and besides needing the exercise, it’s nice to get out and have some fun. Thanks Dana, I love you and the bike.

2 Responses to “Birthday Bike”

  1. Michael LenzieNo Gravatar says:

    Pete — I mean Raster — will you be taking your new ride off of a pier?

  2. I’ve actually ridden it on the boardwalk and onto a pier, but I’ll do everything in my power to keep from going into any bodies of water.

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