I’ve been meaning to actually use Ma.gnolia for quite some time now, but being happy with del.icio.us, and the lack of a matching API was holding me back… well, no more…

The folks at Ma.gnolia have released The Mirrord API, which (like Scuttle) is the del.icio.us API, so now we should be able to easily more data between the two. (I guess it’s time to update delisync.)

2 Responses to “Ma.gnolia, at last…”

  1. Todd SielingNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome news Pete. Let us know if there’s anything we can help with, and we’ve kicked off a discussion around using Mirrord at http://ma.gnolia.com/groups/madevs/discussions/33 that you might find helpful.

  2. Update… After a little lunchtime hacking, delisync for Ma.gnolia works! Now to clean up the code a bit… :)

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