Convo Droid

Convo Droid

I’m not sold on the name “Convo Droid” but this thing is a friend of Time Lapse Bot that will be used to capture audio at BarCampMadison.

It consists of a mic stand and a Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder which can be used to capture a full day of audio. The idea here is, we put this in session rooms and let it record the discussions so that we can publish them later. It is battery powered, but in order to get a full day of use, we’ll probably need to go with AC power.

(And if you have a better name than “Convo Droid” please let me know!)

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I have purchased one of these “Handy portable stereo recorders.” How did it perform for room audio in a BarCamp situtaion?

And also, how is it mounted?

What, you want a real photo? I built a quick mount out of a block of wood, but Mount 2.0 will have a shock mount. I would have just used a clip-on mic holder, but didn’t have one handy. Of course I have plenty of blocks of wood handy.

I still have 10+ hours of BarCampMadison audio to review, the main room was really noisy from the HVAC…

I assume you have heard My Vegan Girlfriend though.

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