Dave has a nice post titled Things RSS can’t (and can) do which I assume is due to certain people declaring RSS to be “dead” or something equally as silly.

I’m going to add number 12 to his list:

12. RSS can’t block you.

While there are plenty of good things about Twitter, there are also things I don’t care for… Twitter is a centralized system, they aren’t open enough, blah, blah, blah… and worst of all, people can block you. I mean, that’s a good thing, right?


I’d like to be able to interact with Dave on Twitter, but I can’t because I am blocked. I don’t know if Dave blocked me on purpose (it’s possible!) or if there’s some Twitter-bit that got flipped and doesn’t allow me to follow him.

Keep in mind, I’ve known Dave online since about 1994, met him in 2000, and through the years and technologies such as blogging, RSS, podcasting, Frontier (and other stuff I probably can’t remember) we’ve communicated plenty. In fact, I’m “friends” with him on Facebook and Flickr, but on Twitter… I’m just “blocked.” Oh well…

But fear not… through the magic of “RSS” and “blogs” I’m still able to read what Dave says (on scripting.com) and reply to it on RasterWeb!… and I can even use more than 140 characters…

2 Responses to “RSS is magical…”

  1. Funny when I clicked on the scripting.com link I ended up at this article: http://scripting.com/stories/2011/01/06/whyYouGotBlocked.html

    It’s nice when somebody has no many followers you don’t have to listen, and when they’re signal hits a well received ear, that person will echo it.

  2. I guess I made a poop. I checked back through the last 13 months but could not find it. Jason DeFillippo may have made a poop as well. We all poop sometimes.

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