The Reeder Value


I tried Reeder on the iPhone last year, and I wasn’t immediately in love with it, it’s alright, but I don’t really do too much feed reading on my phone nowadays. Still it’s nice to have an RSS aggregator on my phone, and it’s the one I liked the best. It was $1.99 at the time (it’s $2.99 now) and I was willing to pay that without thinking much about it. It would probably be a better experience on a newer iPhone (I’ve got the 3G) but then, what wouldn’t be a better experience?

I mentioned that I don’t do too much feed reading on my phone nowadays, and that’s true, but I think a large part of it is that I now do a ton of feed reading on the iPad. In fact, on a lazy Sunday morning I’ve been know to spend a good hour or two catching up on my reading just as someone may have read a newspaper in the olden days when they used to print newspapers.

On the iPad I used MobileRSS for a while and like it well enough, except when they redesigned the entire UI during an upgrade. In reading some of the reviews, I kept seeing mentions that it ripped off the design of Reeder. I ended up trying Reeder on the iPad, and while it took me a little while to get used to it, I started to like it. At $4.99 for the iPad version, I grabbed it right away, and I really do love it now. I’d estimate that feed reading on the iPad accounts for more than 50% of what I use the device for.

I normally use Google Reader in Firefox, with some help from Stylish, to make it a bit prettier, but when the Reeder for Mac beta came out, I gave it a shot, and I liked it. I still didn’t do too much reading on desktop (or laptop) as compared to the iPad, but it was nice to have. The user experience is much better than the browser. That said, I was worried it would come out of beta and require a purchase to keep using it. Well, perhaps I wasn’t worried so much as concerned about the unknown price.

Well, Reeder for Mac is out, and it’s $9.99. Now, I know I’m cheap, but I sort of feel like it just isn’t worth it (at least not for me.) I mean, if I weigh how much I use my Mac for feed reading, versus how much I use my iPad for the task, it just doesn’t measure up. If it was $4.99 on the Mac, I’d probably be tempted to grab it. Of course I’ve already spent about $7 for the iPad and iPhone versions, so maybe that’s another reason I’m not ready to kick down another $10 to have another version of it running on yet another device.

Reeder is a really nice feed reader though, and I love it on the iPad at $4.99, but I’m just not convinced it would be worth $9.99 on the Mac. (Again, I’m basing this on my own reading habits.)


RSS is magical…

Dave has a nice post titled Things RSS can’t (and can) do which I assume is due to certain people declaring RSS to be “dead” or something equally as silly.

I’m going to add number 12 to his list:

12. RSS can’t block you.

While there are plenty of good things about Twitter, there are also things I don’t care for… Twitter is a centralized system, they aren’t open enough, blah, blah, blah… and worst of all, people can block you. I mean, that’s a good thing, right?


I’d like to be able to interact with Dave on Twitter, but I can’t because I am blocked. I don’t know if Dave blocked me on purpose (it’s possible!) or if there’s some Twitter-bit that got flipped and doesn’t allow me to follow him.

Keep in mind, I’ve known Dave online since about 1994, met him in 2000, and through the years and technologies such as blogging, RSS, podcasting, Frontier (and other stuff I probably can’t remember) we’ve communicated plenty. In fact, I’m “friends” with him on Facebook and Flickr, but on Twitter… I’m just “blocked.” Oh well…

But fear not… through the magic of “RSS” and “blogs” I’m still able to read what Dave says (on and reply to it on RasterWeb!… and I can even use more than 140 characters…


Subscription Options


Sir Scribe-A-Lot says… “Let 1,000 RSS feeds bloom!” But then, he’s a little on the nutty side…

Not counting the comment feeds, I don’t think I have 1,000 feeds for this site… I think it’s closer to 800. Still, that’s a lot, and it should allow you to choose what you get.

We still have a good 9 years of content to go through, but we’ve been working on the tagging process for months now, and you can see the results on the tags page.

You only want posts about Mozilla, or Web414, or maybe you like a good accident story, or a nice drawing is more your style. Creative Commons? We got that too!

So for each tag there is a page, and an associated feed on that page that you can subscribe to.

If you want it all, just subscribe to everything, and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for subscribing!


mail me daily

There’s a guy named Adam Mathes who makes things, and one of the things he made is called mail me daily which is drop-dead simple…. you enter a web site URL and your email, and you magically get email updates from the site. Obviously the site has to have an RSS feed, and you have to have an email address, but besides that, it’s pretty simple. For people who still use email, or get confused by RSS readers, or some other third thing, this is nice… For people who love email.

You can subscribe to RasterWeb! and get excerpts of these posts in your email, which will remind you to stop by the site for a full read. Now, make no mistake, I’m not trying to sell you anything, this isn’t some hard sell to subscribe to my newsletter! but if you’re interested in what I post here, this may be useful. mail me daily has no ads, and cost no money (right now anyway) so I’m interested to see if anyone finds it useful.


Syndicate This!

Cuz he’s a syndication hero…. got RSS in his eyes…

Syndication Hero, RSS in his eyes...

Sitting at his keyboard, with his head hung low
Couldn’t get any updates, syndication was a no-show
Heard the roar of the crowd, he could picture the scene
Put his fingers to the keyboard, and like a distant scream

He syndicated one item, just blew him away
Saw RSS in his eyes, and the very next day
Published a feed, on a second-hand server
Didn’t know what would happen, but he knew for sure

That one RSS feed, felt good in his aggregator
Didn’t take long, he published more later
Just one RSS feed, slung way down low
Was a one way ticket, only one way to go

So he started syndicating, ain’t never gonna stop
Gotta keep on syndicating, someday gonna make it to the top

And be a syndication hero, got RSS in his eyes…