Top 5 Places Kitten was Today

This kitten, she is more insane than any kitten we’ve ever dealt with. So I present to you, the top 5 places kitten was today:

  1. Inside a tote bag
  2. On the mantle
  3. Behind the toilet
  4. In a garbage can
  5. Bathtub, between the shower curtains (while I was taking a shower)

3 Responses to “Top 5 Places Kitten was Today”

  1. KANo Gravatar says:

    My least favorite is “on the half wall right next to your bedroom door, a zillion feet above the stairs.” HEART ATTACK.

  2. Oh yeah, that would have been number 6. It was a close one!

  3. TeganNo Gravatar says:

    We have clear shower-curtain liners specifically to encourage item #5.

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