The Hammer of Futility

The Hammer of Futility

The Hammer of Futility

The Hammer of Futility


We use tools and machines to extend the reach of the human body. Our expectations do not always live up to our dreams. The Hammer of Futility is a kinetic sculpture created from laser-cut wood that consists of a hammer attempting to hit a nail, and failing, repeatedly. The piece was designed with software, and cut from wood using a laser cutter, then hand assembled, and wired for motion.

Also on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “The Hammer of Futility”

  1. Mark RehorstNo Gravatar says:

    I see the problem! Poor technique! The hammer should pivot from the beyond the end of the handle (analogous to the human elbow that is wielding the hammer). No wonder it can’t hit the nail!

    What’s next, a life-sized replica of the Alabaster Arrow of Improbability, the weapon which saved (or was it destroyed) the Ancient World?

  2. Drat! Version 2.0 should probably contain an arm so it pivots correctly.

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