Open-Source Software

Open-Source Software…

For your friends still using Windows: Open SSH on Windows and FileZilla – The open source FTP client… I wish FileZilla, or some other nice, graphical, open-source ftp client was available for Mac OS X… I’ve yet to find one…

Of course for Mac OS X geeks check out Marc Liyanage’s Software section…

And for the Fink users out there, we have FinkCommander, a GUI for Fink.

Weblog-related: Memento is a lightweight knowledge management system based on the principles of memetics, the theory of memes. Naturally, to facilitate distribution of the Memento meme itself, this project is entirely open source.

Has anyone used stumbleupon?

I heard from Mike Chubbuck (of Silent Scream fame) last week, he says he’s got lots of neat stuff to tell me… Stay tuned!