Upgrade to the Past

Over at Adobe Studio’s System Requirements page they say…

Over at Adobe Studio’s System Requirements page they say:

Need to update your browser?

Get Internet Explorer update

Get Netscape Navigator update

And then provide a link so you can download Netscape 4.x because, you know, downloading a version of a browser that’s closing in on it’s sixth birthday is somehow updating your browser.

If you’re using one of those fancy operating systems like Mac OS 10.1 (or higher) they suggest using Internet Explorer 5.1, an old version of a browser that they stopped development of recently…

Of course since they also say:

Adobe Studio assumes full-screen browser use on a 1024×768 display with 16-bit and above color depth. It is also assumed that JavaScript is turned on and that cookies are enabled. A persistent Internet connection, such as DSL, cable modem, or T1 line, is recommended.

Those are a lot of assumptions… So draw your own conclusions about their recommendations… Maybe we shouldn’t worry, perhaps the all-new Adobe Studio Web Site will address all of these issues. (I certainly hope so.)