On Deck

Oh, how I wish it worked with Mac OS X…

Oh, how I wish it worked with Mac OS X… The Plusdeck PC Audio Deck, that is. See, years ago I would make tapes using my Mac and TexEdit, which had the ability to read aloud text files. I’d make tapes for the car, and listen while driving to and from work. Nowadays things are a little different, but I still make tapes (less frequently) but now they might include MP3‘s. Heck, there’s even apps out there that will convert text files to MP3’s, so it’s gotten better over the years.

Still, just like 1980, I’m forced to execute some command on a computer, while fiddling with a tape deck connected by some cables… Sure my G4 is a bit faster than my old Apple ][+, but the basic concept hasn’t changed much. I’ve had the idea of jamming a cassette deck in a drive slot for years now, so it’s cool to see someone has finally done it.

Now as soon as someone makes it work in a Mac (at an affordable price) I’ll be positively giddy…