The Secrets of Email

Tips and trips for a better email experience…

I learned a bit more about email today, from some folks who deal with email all the time. Not the spam kind, just the marketing/newsletter kind. Here’s are some tips… See, when people who deal with email want to clean their lists, and remove what they think are bad and/or fake emails, they look for certain things. So, I’m just saying, if you have your own domain, and want to have some fun, use something like or, or if those don’t work, try to use profanity. I’m sure you can come up with your own examples.

Now, as you might know, when email is sent, they will include an image, and the URI will have a query string that uniquely identifies you. So take your mail app, and modify it to strip off the query strings of all URI’s and you might still get to see the images while they won’t know if you read the message. When I brought this up they seemed a bit perplexed, so that was interesting.

Ok, that’s all I got for now, more email fun later.