43 Crazy Things

There are at least 43 crazy things to do… don’t do them!

Over on 43 Things people write up the things they want to do, things like be happy or relax. I wanted to add some things that I don’t really want to do, but thought doing an experiment in social software was worth trying, so I added get shot in the leg, fall down a flight of steps, and total my car. It’ll be interesting if people say “I’ve reached this goal” for any of those, or better yet people who reply with “I’ve done this” and then mark it as “Worth doing!”

Any takers?

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New fad: 43 Things

>Discover what’s important, make it happen, share your progress. Find your 43 things.

Oh brother, something new to waste my time.

43 Things is a site that lets you post things you want to do, and tell others things you’ve done, and if they were…

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