Comments Pam

Wow, I’m so proud… my first comment spam!

Wow, I’m so proud… my first comment spam!

We just moved over to WordPress recently, and slowly but surely we got a few (legit) comments on a few posts. That is, until today.

We noticed 5 new comments. Hey! We’re really building a community here! Conversing and discussing! Oh, wait, it’s comment spam. Ugh!

WordPress put them into moderation, as it should, so luckily you didn’t have to see them, and it was quick and easy for me to delete them.

Hopefully I’ll soon implement the “nofollow” for new comments coming in just in case a spammy comment slips by. (I have plenty of thoughts on the “nofollow” thingy that I will write up later.)

It’ll be interesting to take part in the War of the Comment Spam, that’s for sure…