The K in KFC

Does the K still stand for Kentucky?

I saw this KFC commercial on the television, and the background music was the song Sweet Home Alabama. Does the K still stand for Kentucky? Perhaps they should have used My Old Kentucky Home for the background music.

Hmm, upon further thought, with lyrics like “the people are gay” and “they hunt no more for the ‘possum and the coon” perhaps My Old Kentucky Home is not the best choice…

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At some point they started an ad campaign calling it “Kitchen Fresh Chicken”, but I don’t think that’s an official name change or anything. For example, if you go to, it’ll take to you

But just takes to a domain squatter/registry service. You’d have thought KFC would have registered the domain when they did that ad campaign, but I guess they didn’t think of it. Dumbasses. :)

Beats me. I don’t know anybody from Kentucky, but I’m sure it has its pros and cons just like anywhere else.

Drove through the end of Kentucky once…well twice I guess. Once was for a horse show and the other was just driving through… From what we could see it was much better than northern Florida outside of the tourist traps. Still thought Alabama was better than both Kentucky and Florida. Maybe KFC uses ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ because it is a down home country song despite that the KFC product is the furthest from that. Do not know any country boys that drop their chicken into 10 gallon vats of grease.

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