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Matt suggests that “blogspot is no longer hurting america” because they added captcha’s to the new blog creation forms…

Matt suggests that “blogspot is no longer hurting america” because they’ve added captcha’s to the new blog creation forms. This is a good thing, but as someone who has been referer spammed by phony blogspot sites, I thought taking a random survey might be useful.

If you’ve not followed my “scientific methods” in the past, here’s how I typically do things:

  1. Go to Weblogs.Com for a list of “Recently Updated Weblogs.”
  2. Grab source of page.
  3. Do a bunch of funky regex stuff in jEdit.
  4. Do some math.
  5. Publish results.

The results of the findings? I found 842 weblogs in the list, of which 556 were blogspot sites.

I didn’t have time to check 556 blogspot sites, but some of the prefixes for were like so:

  • kentucky-derby-entries-here
  • las-vegas-lawyer-info4u
  • medical-insurance-news
  • sales-training-resource
  • weight-loss-info
  • web-design-info4u

So now that Google/Blogger have made some steps to stem the tide, I hope the next step is to clean up the existing mess…

(In case you’re wondering, from the list of 842 sites, came in second with 60 sites, and LiveJournal clocked in with less than 10 in the list!)

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There is one more reason why there are so many blogs on blogspot. The ease of use. We have tried other programs and found that Blogger was indeed one of the easiest for beginners. Almost anyone can create and maintain a blog with Blogger.

True, Blogger is pretty darn easy, and probably the most popular of the (free) blogging sites out there today for the “average” person.

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