T-Mobile vs. Cingular

Oh T-Mobile, can I trust you?

Oh T-Mobile, can I trust you? I mean, I know you’ve had some data leak problems in the past, and I wrote you off when your coverage maps showed big holes where I live, but it looks like you either got a whole lot more towers, or you’re up to something…

On the other hand, Cingular is my other option, and from what I’ve heard they do have good coverage where I live, though I’ve also heard they’re a bit more expensive than T-Mobile…

Damn you mobile carriers!

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I was forced to get a cell phone (albeit, a really cool smart one – Sony Ericsson P910) ’cause I’m the support toady for our department’s Director, so I get one of everything he gets.

Anyway, we went with T-Mobile and he gets great coverage where he didn’t get before (with Nextel), and I get great coverage (not that I check much) everywhere except my apartment, which is on the bottom floor of a two story apartment complex. As soon as I go outside, my backpack starts ringing…actually, my ass starts ringing if you listen to my ringtone.

But like I implied, I’m not a big fan of cell phones so I can’t dis Cingular. I like the music they use in their commercials, tho. ;)

Great ringtone! ;)

I’m actually a lot more interested in data plans and what can be done with mobile tech than I am with just taking/making voice calls. (Though those can be useful too.)

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